Opportunity, Education, and Inspiration

Our clients are the heartbeat of our agency. The passion and expertise to pursue our client’s best interest is what drives us. We create a culture of opportunity, education, and inspiration for established businesses, start-ups, and families searching for a trusted advisor

Choice Matters

Why chose an independent agent? We have access to multiple companies and a wide array of tailored products. Most companies are limited to one. If we ever have to change companies, the process is seamless and we take the hassle out of shopping multiple carriers. We offer unbiased and objective advise. When its claim time, having the right advisor can make a HUGE difference!

Mission Statement

We listen to our clients and find the product(s) that protect what matters most. Brigman Insurance Group, LLC takes pride in protecting our client's biggest assets against the unknown and unexpected.

Vision for the Future

B.I.G. is well-positioned to tackle today and tomorrow’s challenges. We’re committed to our clients and our capabilities to produce optimal results. B.I.G. educates our clients to give them the ability to make better decisions on the issues that matter most to them. We are always there to advise on the issues at hand and we want to set our clients up for success.

The Owner

Montana Brigman utilizes a decade of experience in the insurance industry to create a brand that delivers results. Montana has received recognition as a top sales agent, as well as awards in customer service. In his free time, he spends his time with his wonderful wife Brittany and two beautiful children, Dawson and Charlotte. His hobbies include golf, basketball, hunting, fishing, and vacationing with the family.

‘’We stay relevant and realistic when forming strategies for a client. As we educate our clients, this allows them to make a host of more informed decisions that ultimately make them more efficient in their craft.’’
-Montana Brigman

‘’It has always been a dream of mine to create an insurance agency that provides clients with real-time solutions in a professional and efficient manner.’’
-Montana Brigman


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We strive to provide exceptional service to avoid gaps in coverage. Talk to our experts at Brigman Insurance Group, LLC, to learn more about what we offer and how we can protect your business as well as your family .