Life insurance offers protection and reassurance for you, your family, and even your business partners. We take the hassle out of finding the best policy to protect what matters most. We carry a wide array of products that can cover a multitude of different exposures. Talk to an expert today at Brigman Insurance Group to see how we can protect you from the unknown and unexpected.


Term Life Policies

A term life policy provides protection for only a definite period of time. If death occurs during the term (5,10,15,30, ect years) for which the policy is written, proceeds are payable to the beneficiary(s). If the insured survives past the term, the policy expires.


Whole Life Policies

Whole life insurance provides a guaranteed payout regardless of when the owner of the policy dies (pending payments are up to date and conditions met). The insured pays a level premium rate all of his or her life (there are also single pay options). Whole life insurance accumulates a cash value


Final Expense

Also referred to as burial insurance, Final Expense covers end-of-life expenses including funeral arrangements and any remaining medical or legal expenses that will need to be settled by your beneficiary.